Hi, I am Kwaku Adu Frimpong!

Hello, I'm a teacher, digital entrepreneur, and internet marketer. I teach the skills needed to start Digital Business. The world is going digital.
It is extremely easy to start digital business today. With the right tools and skills you can easily jump-start into the digital business arena.
My training is 100% newbie friendly. No computer skills needed. All you need is a smart phone or computer!
I have a great passion to support you to be successful in making money online, by sharing ideas and skills with people you love.
I created this blog to be able to interact and share with you my strategies and skills in digital entrepreneurship.

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If you're reading this post, you're the one understanding that the world is changing and that ordinary job doesn't give you that much security and profit anymore.
You've also seen that hundreds of people all over the world are becoming millionaires everyday thanks to their own ventures and that you're looking for alternative ways of making extra income I totally understand why you are doing this search.
Research has shown that the number of mobile phone user in 2019 is forecast to reach 4.68 billionThe number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. In 2016, an estimated 62.9 percent of the population worldwide already owned a mobile phone.
Generally, the world is going digital and traditional businesses are going digital. It’s easy to see why almost everybody wants to join this community of self-employed independent entrepreneurs! There's BIG Market for Online Business!
There are a number of reasons why people who are looking for ways to earn extra income would prefer online business to any other type of ventures. I will tell you Why?
5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Online Business in Ghana in 2019
1. Low Start Up Cost
Different types of business ventures require different amount of financial investment at the beginning. Unlike running a traditional business where you need money to rent store or space to keep your inventory, running an online business doesn't need any physical store or shop. In this way you save a lot of money at start. You can start an online business with little or Zero Capital
2. Always Open For Business(24hrs Services)
Your online business is open 24/7, for example if you have a website that is ready to accept payment, anyone can pay you anytime, anywhere in the world. Google doesn't close. People can search for your service and visit your online business and buy your services 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You can make money from your website whilst you are asleep
3. You Work Anywhere You Want.
When you have an online business, you can choose to work from anywhere you want. For me, sometimes I work from home, sometimes I work whilst I'm in School teaching or even in the car when I'm travelling. With an online business there is no physical location for your work
4. Global Market!
Starting an online business give you the opportunity to have access to the global market to market your products/services to. For example I have people from different countries who buy my products and services. With your website set ready to receive payment, you have the global market to sell your products/services to
5. Cost Saving!
Running an online business in Ghana is one of the most cost saving business venture. I remember starting my first online business with ,GH¢5.00 and made GH¢2000+ in my first 4 months and I was able to operate this business on my smart phone! See my income proof here. No transportation cost, No inventory cost!
What's even more important about online business is that you don't any special/formal training before you start. I will be sharing with you some of my online business module that you can start and operate within a day. The only requirement for all online business is a computer /mobile phone with an internet connection. Keep reading my post, I will sharing with you some of my strategies and tips in starting an online business in Ghana with little or ZERO capital.

If you have any question hit on the WhatsApp icon at the lower right corner of this page and ask me. I would be glad to answer you as soon as I'm available.

Why Digital Business? 5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Digital Business in Ghana in 2019